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"Our Caring Better" Philosophy

Established in 2014 in the city of Glendale, California, our  "Caring Better" 

Philosophy embodies our commitment that every hospice patient has the right to be pain-free, and to be treated with compassion and dignity.  We focus on enhancing the patient's comfort and overall quality of life, and on attending to individual desires and needs.  Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplainstherapists, aides and volunteers provide a holistic approach that sincerely addresses the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of our patients, as well as those of their families and caregivers.  Our staff makes regular visits to your home or any other setting to provide compassionate, comprehensive, competent and consistent care.  

CB Homecare Hospice caters to patients in the Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside and Kern Counties.  Our staff of caring professionals is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our Caring Better Philosophy

CB Homecare Hospice has been accredited by The Joint Commission since 2015 and has been re-certified on December 5, 2017.  "The Joint Commission accreditation is considered the gold standard in global health care."  

*excerpted from The Joint Commission website at:

CB Homecare Hospice is licensed by the California Department of Health Services. It achieved Medicare accreditation on August 5, 2015.

Why choose CB?

Experience our Top Quality Care

Patients and their loved ones are our top priority, focusing on people rather than the disease, underlining the importance of an open relationship with patients and their families, and ensuring utmost comfort and the best quality of life for all under extreme circumstances.  


We offer a unique benefit when the family caregiver needs a rest so that the care continues during the caregiver's absence.  This is known as respite care.  This form of temporary, short-term assistance can help alleviate or avoid caregiver burnout and stress.  


At CB Homecare Hospice, we take pride in serving the needs of our patients and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


Our caring team of highly-trained and skilled nurses are readily available to provide quality care that is focused on pain management, comfort, and peace of mind to patients and their families.

Experience our Top Quality Care

Our Caregiving Team


Remains the patient's primary care physician and works as a member of the hospice team.


Certifies the attending physician's prognosis. Leads the hospice team in developing a plan of care. Provides consultation to the attending physician.


Evaluates the patient's condition during regularly scheduled visits.  Coordinates the plan of care and teaches the family proper patient care techniques and the use of medication and pain management.


Assess social service needs of the patient and family. Provides counseling, addresses anxiety, fear, stress, family conflicts, financial needs, depression, and concerns regarding death for the patient and family.


Initiates contact with patient and family to determine needs and provide spiritual support. Works as a liaison with clergy of individual's choice. Provides assistance with funeral and memorial preparations.


Person-to-person support and assistance, memorial services coordination, educational support groups, counseling, written resources 


Provides non-medical friendly visits and respite to patient and family in the areas of emotional support and encouragement.


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapist

Our Caregiving Team
Attending Physician
Medical Director
Registered Nurse
Social Worker
Respite Service
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